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It's not just a bank, it's your
crypto bank!

AgoraBank is a decentralized crypto bank owned by its users. AgoraBank modernizes the banking system by gathering institutional and cryptocurrency services within a single application.

Acquiring the AGO token enables you to participate in the creation of your bank while benefiting from the many advantages the token offers.

Join AgoraBank as an investor, developer or ambassador today and become a player in this financial and banking revolution.

Our objectives

The AgoraBank team wishes to
create a bank that belongs to its users.

In the age of new technologies and the deployment of blockchain technology, the development of new solutions to build the bank of tomorrow seems obvious.

The solutions put in place mainly consist of the use of blockchain technology to eliminate the unnecessary use of intermediaries, and to obtain total transparency of financial transactions with maximum security.

The progress offered by decentralized finance allows us to create an ecosystem where the user is at the center of everything we do.

INO roadmap


AGO token

Through the AGO token, we have the ambition to initiate a turning point in the banking sector, allowing us to stand out from the competition in the short and medium term.

Our AGO token will run natively on the BNB Chain with expected bridges to the Ethereum network (ERC-20) in order to fully benefit from DeFi expansion.

Balance between supply and demand

Limited Supply:

The number of AGO tokens has been set at 300 000 000 units. No additional tokens will be issued.

Limited Distribution:

The objective is to limit the release of large quantities of AGO on the market. This would suddenly increase the supply, which could lower the price.

AGO burning

3% transaction fee will be charged:

1% for AGO holders

1% burned

1% for the foundation.

Tokens that are not sold during the public sales may be burned (i.e. destroyed), thus limiting the available number of tokens on the market. Tokens that are not burned will then be used to reward the Agora community. This decision will be communicated later.



Public sales




Rewards, marketing and legal


Partners and team

Governance Token (DAO)

AgoraBank places you at the center of its development by integrating all DAO functionalities into the application. Participate, vote and invent the bank of tomorrow every day.

Choose and vote on:

New application features

Validation of the marketing budget and rewards

Release of reserves for optimal development of the project.

Project Roadmap


July 2021 - Kick-off with key stakeholders

September 2021 - Finalization of the project structure and the white paper

October 2021 - Onboarding of advisors and investors


February 2022 - Start of the INO

Q2/Q3 2022 - AgoraBank launch and AGO token listing

Q3 2022 - Implementation of the voting system (DAO)


Q1 2023 - Integration of investment solutions

Year 2023 - Development of additional features

Year 2023 - Moving forward with you!


Benoit Courtois

Banking and DeFi Specialist

Guillaume Antier

Senior Trading Analyst

Pierre Bechmann

Finance and blockchain specialist

Benjamin Bouchard


Vincent Leroux

Head of

Alain Benoliel

Tax and Accounting Specialist

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